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Packing Supplies

Free delivery with minimum supplies purchase of $250.
Small Box $9.00 For papers, books, CDs, silverware, etc.
Medium Box $11.00 Kitchen-ware items, knick knacks, bathroom and kitchen supplies, small electronics, etc.
Large box $13.00 Clothing, sheets, towels, comforters, pillows
Extra Large Box $15.50 Lighter items
Mirror Box $22.00 All hanging mirrors, artwork on walls, specially packed
TV Box $26.00 Flat screen TV, plasmas, specially packed
Wardrobes (to own) $18.00 24″ wide for suits, eveningwear, miscellaneous hung clothing
Wardrobes (to rent) $10.00 24″ wide for suits, eveningwear, miscellaneous hung clothing
Dish Packs $21.00 Specifically for delicate items such as china and crystal
Bubble Wrap per foot $2.50 Specifically for packing delicate and valuable items
Paper Pads $6.00 For packing china and crystal in dish packs
Shrink Wrap per item $9.00 For keeping items secured and wrapped tightly during the moving process
Wrapping Paper roll $65.00 30-lb bundle. Used for wrapping individual items of delicate nature
Packing Tape roll $4.50 Used for securing boxes.

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